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Wright Weport November 2017

Dear all,

Welcome to the Wright Weport for November 2017.


  • Why Wright: Being low-impact
  • Top 10 things to read if you’re new to electric propulsion
  • Battery news
  • Seeking your address for Wright holiday gift
  • Past Weports: here

Why Wright

Wright believes in being low-impact wherever possible. We aim to build airplanes that have a lower carbon footprint and lower costs. Our goal is a zero-emissions airliner in a decade.

Top 10 Things to Read if You Are New to Electric Aviation

We often receive emails from folks seeking information about the electric aviation space. We thought we’d use this Weport to publish some of our favorite introductory articles.

Note: If you have a resource you especially love, feel free to send it our way. We’ll publish a compendium on our website.

  1. Roland Berger Report New Developments in Aircraft Electrical Propulsion
  2. NTSB Report APU Battery Fires
  3. NASA Slides SCEPTOR Power System Design
  4. NASA Paper Airvolt Aircraft Electric Propulsion Test Stand
  5. Uber Elevate White Paper Fast-Forwarding to a Future of On-Demand Urban Air Transportation
  6. IEEE Spectrum Article How I Designed a Practical Electric Plane for NASA
  7. Ars Technica Article  Airline plans to use electric airplanes in 10 years—is that possible?
  8. IEEE Spectrum Article Cheaper, Lighter, Quieter: The Electrification of Flight Is at Hand
  9. Wards Auto Article For EV Batteries, Future is Now
  10. Every Blog Post Antti Lehikoinen’s Electric Motor Blog

Battery News

The past few months have been particularly rich with energy storage announcements. Extended range batteries bearing NCM 811 cathode materials will make their way into mass production EV batteries by the middle of next year. Several outlets have reported that solid-state batteries for mobile devices may appear within two years. Pilot production of automotive solid-state batteries will begin within a year. Toyota, Fisker, Dyson, and others are openly pursuing solid-state battery technology. BMW is investing $237M in a research facility to develop next generation cell chemistries for extended range.

Holiday Gifts

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time for the 3rd annual Wright Holiday Gift. Add your address to this form (if you didn’t do so last month), and we’ll send you a fantastic Wright gift. Note: USA only – but if you’re abroad, include your address anyway and we’ll try to send you something, too.

Also, check out these environmental charities if you’re looking for a last-minute holiday gift:

  • The Conservation Fund protects America’s legacy of land & water resources through land acquisition, sustainable community & economic development, and leadership training, emphasizing the integration of economic & environmental goals. Charity Navigator score: 98.23.
  • The Natural Resources Defense Council seeks to protect the basics—air, land, and water—and to defend endangered natural places, with an eye toward how these long-term decisions affect humans. Charity Navigator Score: 96.35.
  • The Sierra Club Foundation is the fiscal sponsor of the Sierra Club’s charitable environmental programs, and promotes efforts to educate and empower people to protect and improve the natural and human environment. Charity Navigator Score: 94.44.


Thanks to Mark, Doug, Randy, Chip, Andy, Ben, Darold, Joe, Noam, Brian, Stonly, Brian, Matt, Scott, Karthik, Kate, Thomas, Shaun, Elsa, Paul, Andrew, Jeff, Amelie, Dan, Kim, Richard, Stanley, Thierry, Meridith, Mary, Max, Rachel, Victor, Matthew, Richard, Alan, Danielle, Inge, Lee, Amy, Jacqui, Daniel, Nate, Sophie, Mike, Amira, Jess, Ben, Kate, Blake, and everyone else who helped out and/or sent over words of encouragement.

Happy holidays!

Jeff and Aaron

PS: Wright song of the month: Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs Hamilton at the White House, May 2009

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