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Wright Weport October 2017

Dear all,

Welcome to the Wright Weport for October 2017.


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  • Why Wright: Lower emissions, lower costs
  • Technical: Test stand spinning
  • In the news: Oil prices rise, EViation wins WSJ prize, Batteries optimize
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It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time for the 3rd annual Wright Holiday Gift! Add your address to this form (even if you’ve done so in previous years), and we’ll send you a fantastic Wright gift. Note: USA only – but if you’re abroad, send your address anyway and we’ll try to send you something, too.


Why Wright


Our test stand is spinning! It is the entire powertrain, battery system, and cooling system for a small electric aircraft, arranged on a steel rack for static thrust and reliability testing.

Photo of test stand:

The stand was designed and built by our absolutely brilliant teammate, Chip Yates.

Next we’ll begin using this test stand for reliability testing, plus evaluating motors and batteries. We’re excited.

If anyone’s interested in collaborating to gather data, please feel free to reach out – we’d love for the test stand to be a resource for the electric aviation community. 

In the News


Thanks to Barry, Theresa, Jenn, Tze, Brian, Grandma, Mary, Hart, Marshall, Joe, Neal, Peter, Sarah, Val, Tony, Jon, Tarik, Adam, Nabil, Shaun, Irina, Jason, Aaron, Buck, Stonly, Jacqui, Fred, Scott, Ralph, Ben, Jose, Kate, Jeremie, Noam, Matt, Mike, Jared, Gustaf, Brian, Karthik, Matt, Daniel, Amy, Chip, Randy, Andy, Ben, Ike, Doug, Mark, Joe, Jason, Mike, Brad, Dan, Paul, Anna, Chris, Emil, Meridith, Sarah, and everyone else who helped out and/or sent over words of encouragement.

And happy Halloween!

Jeff and Aaron

PS: Wright song of the month: Michael Jackson – Thriller

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