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Wright Weport September 2017

Dear all,

Welcome to the Wright Weport for September 2017.
**Hello to the newcomers! This list is now 2,000+ strong!**
Instead of a typical weport, we wanted to use this one to provide a behind-the-scenes perspective on the easyJet event. It was an incredible week, and we thought you might like to see a few details not covered elsewhere.
First, the context is on Wednesday easyJet announced a partnership with us during their Innovation Day. See this article for details: link. We could not be more excited!
(Note: if you have a second, would you mind posting the article on facebook/twitter? We’re hoping it reaches as many battery researchers’ eyes as possible! Thank you in advance!)
Second, our main takeaway is easyJet is committed to green. In addition to the partnership with us, they announced:
  1. Electric aircraft tugs for their fleet of 60 planes at Gatwick airport
  2. A partnership with Safran to trial hydrogen fuel cell tugs
  3. An order of 98 A320 neos with 15% fuel savings

Here’s a photo of Graham in one of the electric tugs:

Third, the easyJet team is amazing. For example, Wright had sent over a 6-foot-long model of our plane to demo during the event. When it arrived it needed some assembly. The easyJet team jumped in and made it happen. Here’s a photo of easyJet’s senior aircraft engineers huddled over our 3D-printed plane:

In summary: wonderful week, wonderful experience with easyJet. We can’t wait to work with them in the future. Thank you to the entire team, and especially Paul, Anna, Holly, Chris, Peter, Graham, Gary, Andy, Kevin, Pete, Martina, and Bill.
* * *
We’ll save other news for next month, but we did want to send thanks to a group of extraordinary people. Thank you to Jenn, Caroline, Noam, Rich, Karen, Joe, Ralph, Kyle, Brian, DJ, Slava, Mrod, Charif, Jon, Jeremie, Bennett, Roy, Bink, Peter, Diana, Steven, Jim, Jon, Joris, Bruno, Hugh, David, Andrew, Jared, Dan, Tuto, Sarah, Randy, Andy, Ben, Doug, Chip, Darold, Mike, Jason, Tim, Mark, and everyone who helped out and/or sent over words of encouragement this month.
And congrats to Sepion on their $1m DOE grant and the Ice Warrior project on launching a science expedition to the Arctic Ocean!
Jeff and Aaron
PS: Wright song of the month: Fleetmac Wood: Rumours Rave

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